Press Release For “Let’s Fall in Love”

Atlanta, GA, September 4, 2023 Six Elements is releasing its first record in 10+ years on October 6, 2023. Single “Let’s Fall in Love” features two songs from Six Element’s forthcoming album “The Elements of Love”. The songs continue where the previous album (“Primary Elements”) stopped – crafting emotional songs in the genre of the melodic progressive rock. The two songs on the single include happy “Let’s Fall in Love”, and sad “End of the Road”, reflecting the happiness and sadness, which follow side-by-side over the span of human lives.

After first hearing “Let’s Fall in Love”, performed by his friend Marat Rickelman and his wife Nora, Misha approached Marat and asked whether he knows how unbelievable, uplifting and potential-rich the song is. Marat responded that he had no idea, but would be open to have Misha unfold song’s full potential. Misha accepted the challenge, translated the lyrics, changed the arrangement to include ukulele, reminiscing Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. The resulting song is arguably one of the happiest song ever made.

“End of the Road”, as the title implies, is the sad song of the release. Just like the rest of the songs on “The Elements of Love” it is about love, except the winter of love. Love does not disappear or lose its savor in the winter. However each season of love has its color and its taste. Back in 2012 Misha saw these remarkable lyrics as a poem written by his friend and remarkable wordsmith Susan Hawkins, and he vowed to make a song out of it. The music was written back in 2013 and waited for the right opportunity ever since, until the work on “The Elements of Love” commenced.

Both of these songs have an additional meaning. Misha is one of the happiest people out there, which resonates with the first song of the single (and the last on the album!), “Let’s Fall in Love”. Unfortunately, he is also has Stage IV incurable cancer, which means that the End of the Road is not too far. Yet, this release, as well as the forthcoming full album, is his attempt to demonstrate the world that you can be happy even while suffering, and that living a fulfilling, meaningful life may continue under any circumstance.

You can hear the full version of the songs on the release here until October 6, 2023. After that date the full versions of the songs will be replaced with samples.

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